1.  In this contract:

(a)“KYC“ means Know Your Customer

(b)“Subscription” means any monthly tariff chosen by the customer with VAT applicable.

(c)“Device ” means Customer Premises Equipment CPE , including broadband modem , IAD, cables and WiFi router.

(d) “Service” means all and/or any Service(s) categorically described as elected by the customer subject to any modification/variation by SWIFT Networks LTD.


2.  Know Your Customer (KYC):

Under Advance Fee And Other Fraud Related Offence Act, 2006 by NCC , telecom operators are liable  

to collect following documents to identify the customer:

(a) Copy National Id card/Driving License/Passport

(b) Copy of any utility bill referring to customer location residence/work

SWIFT Networks LTD. reserve the rights to suspend/terminate Service(s) if the said documents are failed to be provided


3. Provision of Services by SWIFT Networks LTD. :

(a) SWIFT Networks LTD. will establish and maintain the connection and will endeavor to make the

desired Service(s) available throughout the term of this contract.

(b) All of any Service(s) will be provided in accordance with the applicable law , NCC and SWIFT

Networks LTD. policies.

(c) All devices, except paid, will remain asset of SWIFT Networks LTD. and customers are bound to

return the equipment in its original working condition in the event of termination of Service (s).


4. Payments and Charges:

(a) All the payments and charges for the Service(s) under this contract shall exclusively be

determined/revised by SWIFT Networks LTD. from time to time. The revised tariff or charges shall  

be notified to the customers through any communication channel or print media or electronic  


(b) The customer shall unconditionally pay all the charges in the invoice as per Service (s).

(c) Failure to make payment as per due date would

(i) result in immediate disconnection/suspension/termination of service and contract

(ii) render the customer to pay outstanding dues (if any)

(iii) Give SWIFT Networks LTD. a right to suspend/disconnect service(s)

(iv) SWIFT Networks LTD. reserves the rights to determine any appropriate credit limit to the customer for availing the service(s).


5. Duration and Time:

This contract shall commence on the date of approval by SWIFT Networks LTD. after signing of these terms and conditions by the customer and the provisions of this contract shall continue thereafter until terminated by either party.


6. Liabilities:

SWIFT Networks LTD. shall not be held liable to customer for any loses and /or any damages sustained due to any reason whatsoever OR for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential orpunitive damages arising out of or in connection with this agreement. SWIFT Networks LTD. obligations are contingent upon the license issued for provisioning of such services. Should such license be revoked or not renewed for any reason, SWIFT Networks LTD. will not be liable to refund any advance payments and/or deposit(s) placed by the customer.


7. Use of service via Customer Premises Equipment (CPE): 

(a) SWIFT Networks LTD. reserves the rights to issue any instructions regarding the use of Service(s)/Service Level (SLA) as it may from time to time consider necessary to maintain the integrity, quality and safety of the Service(s) for all customers and such instructions shall be deemed as integral part of this contract.

(b) The customer is personally responsible for the use of all Service(s) and System under this contract and shall neither use nor permit any person to use the Service(s)/System for any activity which is abusive, offensive, indecent, obscene, or menacing messages or communications , or misusing  equipment or Service(s) for any activity which is improper/unlawful/immoral and prohibitedunder any of the applicable laws of Nigeria


8. Warranty coverage on Modems (Multiuser , outdoors , Dongle , Mifi , Wifi router , IAD) :

All access devices supplied to SWIFT Networks by the original equipment manufacturer is specified to be free of defects and in good working conditions. Customer is advised to check performance of device at the point of purchase/collection to confirm status. 

All communication devices from SWIFT Networks shall have a warranty period of six (6) months.

Within this period SWIFT Networks will take responsibility for any irreparable manufacturer’s fault on any device purchased from SWIFT Networks or its authorized dealers.

SWIFT Network’s warranty will not apply if the device: 

(a) is used in the manner other than normal use;

(b) is subjected to unfair wear and tear;

(c) is accidentally or willfully damaged;

(d) is damaged due to failure to follow instructions;

(e) has any traces of contact with any form of liquid or corrosive material;

(f) is damaged due to electrical fluctuations;

(g) is damaged from lightening/thunder strike;

(h) is attempted to be repaired or a replacement part fitted by anyone other than an authorized SWIFT Networks representative;

(g) is attached, used or operated with any auxiliary item other than items purchased from or certified compatible by original equipment manufacturer for use with such device;

(h) markings or labeling have been altered, obscured, removed or otherwise interfered with.


The above situations herein are all referred to as customer end faults. Hence, in the event of any customer end fault leading to device damage, the customer will take full responsibility for the replacement of such device. 


9. Maintenance and replacement of broadband modem:

In case of any damage to broadband modem, not covered under warranty, the customer will be charged for the cost of modem with an option to purchase new.


10. 4GLTE Drive Test

(a) Participation only limited to SWIFT Networks existing customers that have been on the network for at least 3 years; ;

(b) Customers that have been current both in terms of service usage and payment;

(c) Customers that have been on a monthly service plan of at least N6,000;

(d) Final selection will be solely at SWIFT Networks discretion and only such volunteers will be contacted;

(e) SWIFT Networks will not be liable for any claim arising from volunteers not selected afterwards;



(a) SWIFT 4GLTE hub swap discount ONLY applies to SWIFT existing customers ;

(b) Existing customers are to take the SWIFT 4G hub and the accessories to any of our service centers or selected retail partners for swap;

(c) SWIFT 4G hub to be swapped must be in good working condition;

(d) Existing customers with service plan above N7, 000 will pay the sum of N8, 000 only for the SWIFT 4GLTE hub;

(e) Existing customers on service plan below N7, 000 will pay the sum of N16, 000 only for SWIFT 4G LTE Multiple User Hub and N18, 000 for THE NOMAD;



(a) Special Payment Discount Promotion only applies to customers for the specified payment period (6, 9 and 12 months) in full and at once;

(b) Top up payment will not enjoy Special Payment Discount Promotion;


 13. Customer Enquiries Landing Page

All activities on the landing page of all google adverts are being recorded for statistical analysis.  


 14. Arbitration and Applicable law:

If any difference or dispute, in any way connected with this Contract, shall arise between the parties hereto which cannot be settled amicably within a period of (1) month, then such differences or dispute shall be referred to NCC and its decision shall be final and binding on both parties. 


15. Unlimited Promo Plans:

(a) Existing customers can migrate to this plan if desired;

(b) Customers only enjoy unlimited browsing on the following plans:

  • SWIFT Essential-Plus
  • SWIFT Club-Plus
  • SWIFT Premium-Plus
  • SWIFT Elite-Plus Special
  • SWIFT Basic Promo-Plus
  • SWIFT Basic-Plus
  • SWIFT Professional-Plus
  • SWIFT Value-Plus

(c) Customers on one account powers all promo cannot attach any of the unlimited plans to existing account;

(d) Customers will only enjoy promotional offerings between 12AM and 6AM daily;

(e) Existing Customers on SWIFT Essential and SWIFT Club WILL NOT be automatically migrated except on request;

(f) SWIFT Networks reserves the right to amend or withdraw this offer at any time;

(g) The promoter is SWIFT Networks Limited, with the Head Office at 31, Saka Tinubu street Victoria Island;

(h) Fair Usage policy apply.

(i) Unlimited promotional offerings is valid till April 30, 2015

(j) Existing customers on the unlimited promo plans will continue to enjoy the unlimited promotional benefits as long as they remain on the unlimited promo plans.

(k) Existing customer that migrates out of the unlimited promo plans after April 30, 2015, will not be allowed to migrate back into the plan.

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